ISCaRD 2019

The Jakarta Convention Center



  1. Presentation should be in English.
  2. An Oral Presentation Number for your presentation is written in the This number will be used to identify your abstract in theprogram book and to manage your time slot for your oral presentation,as well.
  3. You must be knowledgeable in your subject and in answeringquestions during your presentation.
  4. Presenters should mention the sponsors of their research, if applicable,in their presentation.
  5. Presenters are advised to have copies of their presentation availableas handouts. This is not mandatory, just an option for the presenter, toincrease the impact of the presentation
  6. Presenter for ISCARD have 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for the discussion.



  1. All slide presentation should be written only in English.
  2. All presentations will be collected by the committee. The presenters arenot allowed to use their personal device(s) during the presentation.Thus, each presenter should save the PowerPoint file on a USB driveand submit it to the appointed coordinator in the slide room at thevenue at least 2 (two) hours prior to the presentation.
  3. When building your presentation, make sure that you include anyexternal files utilized in the same folder as your presentation (i.e.,movie files).



  1. JPG images are the preferred file format for inserted images.
  2. Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded into the presentation.Images that are created at a setting higher than 75 dpi are notnecessary and will only increase the size of your presentation.
  3. Try to avoid overloading your presentation with unnecessary images.



  1. We can supply only fonts that are included in the base installation of
  2. The fonts we suggest using are Times New Roman, Arial, and Any font other than these will need to be embedded into yourPowerPoint presentation. Use of fonts not included in Windows canlead to words that bleed into graphics or bullets which may be thewrong style.



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